XAT Exam Pattern 2019 | XAT Paper Pattern 2019

XAT Exam Pattern 2019 | XAT Paper Pattern 2019

XAT Exam Pattern 2019: XLRI Jamshedpur, the conducting body of Xavier Admission test, prescribes the examination pattern of XAT. Candidates those who are getting ready for the examination or going to seem for an equivalent should grasp the XAT 2019 examination pattern. It’ll enable them to structure their preparation in a very abundant organized means.

As per the XAT examination pattern, the test are going to be of 3.35 hours divided into 2 elements whereas half I is more divided into 3sections carrying objective sort queries or say Multiple selection queries (MCQs) and half II are going to be a mixture of subjective also as objective queries divided into 2 sections. There would be negative marking conjointly for incorrect answers. During this article XAT aspirants check all the main points related to the examination pattern of XAT 2019, previous year trends, on-line examination directions and additional.

The XAT examination pattern sometimes remains a lot of or less same per annum. the quantity of queries in every section might modify. The official examination pattern for XAT 2019 isn’t free however. Let’s have a glance at the last year’s examination structure. XAT Exam Pattern 2019….

XAT Exam Pattern 2019:

There will be a five-minute break between the Part 1 & Part 2 for the examiners.

Paper Subjects No. of Queries Total Score Total Duration Negative Marking
Part 1 Decision Making 21 74 170 Min ·         0.25 marks for any wrong answer

·         0.05 marks for more than 8 unattempted questions

Verbal and Logical Ability 26
Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation (QA & DI) 27
Part 2 General Knowledge (GK) 25 25 40 Min ·         No Negative Marking
Essay Writing 1 essay

Highlights of XAT Exam Pattern 2019:

Mode of Exam:

XAT 2019 are conducted in on-line mode. Candidates are allotted a computing system wherever they’ll ought to choose the proper answer from the choices given. For the essay writing half, candidates can ought to sort the content. Rough sheets are provided to the candidates.

Number of Queries:

The amount of queries and weightage to every section might modify this year. Last year, half I had was seventy four queries and therefore the highest weightage was given to Quantitative Ability Interpretation section. The amount of queries partially II remains an equivalent typically. Last year, GK section had twenty five queries and one essay writing topic.

Marking Scheme:

Each question carries one mark which suggests candidates can get one marks for the correct answer. There’s negative marking in addition. 0.25 marks or 1/4th of the whole marks of an issue are subtracted for an incorrect response. Unattempted queries even have negative marking. Last year, on the far side eight unattempted queries, there was a deduction of 0.05 marks per unattempted question. This variety might change this year because it was twelve in last to last year.


The exam paper is majorly divided into 2 components – half I consists of 3 sub-sections, decision making, Verbal and Logical Ability and Quantitative Ability and data Interpretation. Half II consists of 2 sub-sections, general knowledge and Essay Writing. The examination could be a mixture of each subjective and objective kind queries.

Duration of Exam:

The examination would be of 3.30 hours (210 minutes). As per the last year’s temporal arrangement, half one was assigned one hundred seventy minutes and half II had half-hour. Usually, a spot of five minutes is additionally given to the candidates after part I of the examination. Candidates are ideally steered to pay twenty minutes on the essay writing and quarter-hour on GK section.

Important Instructions for XAT 2019:

There are few directions that each XAT aspirant should understand before showing for the web test. It’ll save lots of your time and confusion on the day of the examination.

The system displays just one question on the screen at a time. once choice, the solution from the options given, click on ‘Next Question’ to travel to consecutive question or on ‘Previous Question’ button to travel to the previous question.

In case, the candidate doesn’t would like to aim the question, s/he will leave it blank.

The computer screen additionally shows the timer on the highest RIGHT-HAND CORNER of the screen to stay the candidates privy to the timings.

The option of removing or dynamic the solution is additionally given to the candidates through the ‘Erase’ button provided at the lowest of the screen.

Candidates will answer any question in any order inside the given time-frame.

The list of tried and un-attempted queries is shown within the right facet of the screen. Candidates will click on any of the tried or unattempted queries to revise the answers or answer the unattended queries.

Candidates are given the choice of bookmarking a matter just in case they need to review it at a later stage by clicking on the ‘Tag’ button obtainable at the lowest of the screen. The marker on a selected question are often removed by clicking on the ‘De-Tag’ button provided at the lowest of the screen.

The question palette at the right of the screen shows totally different colors to show the status of every question. Such as given below:

  • GREEN: The question has been answered.
  • PURPLE: The question has been answered but marked for review.
  • Yellow: The question is not been answered and marked for review.
  • WHITE: The question is not been answered.

NOTE: Questions that are tried and marked for review would be treated as tried queries solely as long because the candidate doesn’t ‘Erase’ the choice selected.

Candidates ought to use the ‘Next Question’ OR ‘Previous Question’ button or click on the question range displayed on the right facet of the screen to move back and forth between queries.

The answers are going to be saved whenever the candidate goes to successive question, by clicking on ‘Previous Question’ OR ‘Next Question’ button. However, the last question are going to be saved mechanically once respondent

If a candidate finishes the paper among the stipulated time, he/she will finish the test by clicking the ‘Preview Submit’ button. However, candidates won’t be allowed to depart the test hall till the end of the stipulated time

On the completion of the test period, although the candidate doesn’t click on a solution or doesn’t click on the ‘Preview Submit’ button, the result are going to be saved mechanically by the computer. XAT Exam Pattern 2019…

XAT Exam Pattern of Previous Years:

Previous Year Total no. of queries and time Marking Scheme
XAT 2018 74 MCQs

25 GK

1 Essay topic

210 minutes duration

·         1 mark for each correct response

·         0.25 negative marking for each incorrect response

·         penalty of 0.05 mark per question if maximum of 8 questions left unattempted

XAT 2017 72 MCQs

25 GK

1 Essay topic

210 minutes duration

·         1 mark for each correct response

·         0.25 negative marking for each incorrect response

·         penalty of 0.05 mark per question if maximum of 12 questions left unattempted

XAT 2016 78 MCQs

25 GK

1 Essay topic

210 minutes duration

·         1 mark for each correct response;

·         0.25 negative marking for each incorrect response

·         penalty of 0.05 mark per question if maximum of 13 questions left unattempted

XAT 2015 84 MCQs

140 minutes duration

·         1 mark for each correct response

·         0.25 negative marking for each incorrect response

XAT 2014 83 MCQs

20 GK

1 Essay topic

150 minutes duration

·         1 mark for each correct response

·         0.25 negative marking for each incorrect response


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