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About World Earthquake: An earthquake could be a natural disaster that may result in loss of life and has the flexibility to destroy cities. It’s caused once 2 tectonic plates suddenly slip past one another. The surface wherever the slip happens is termed as a fault. This unexpected unleash of energy causes unstable waves that result in the ground shake.

An earthquake is that the noticeable shake of the earth’s crust, ensuing from the abrupt unharness of energy from the crust that creates seismal waves. These quakes are often either delicate or harsh or typically even unnoticeable. The earthquakes are known with a sensitive instrument referred to as seismometer. Once the geographical point of an outsized earthquake is found at a lower place ocean, there are prospects of tsunamis that cause mass destruction.

 The quakes cause large loss to the infrastructure, leads to loss of uncounted lives and makes the economy of the country poorer. The when effects of a large quake will herald new diseases, mental consequences like panic attacks etc. although the Republic of India isn’t in an earthquake prone region, it’s witnessed various quakes.

Most Powerful Earthquakes in World | World Major Earthquakes:

Here we are providing some of the deadly & major earthquakes which occurred in the different parts of the world are given below:


Kashmir witnessed a devastating earthquake of magnitude 7.6 on October eight, 2005. A complete of eighty-five, thousand casualties were reported, and over sixty-nine thousand individuals were battle-scarred. It rendered over four million folks homeless. The earthquake was conjointly felt in Republic of Tajikistan and Western China. the planet has given around USD 5.4 billion as aids for the Jammu and Kashmir earthquake.


On January eleven, 1693, the Italian town of Sicily was stricken by an earthquake of 7.4 magnitudes. The natural disaster caused regarding sixty thousand deaths and unfold across seventy cities and cities in Italia. It had been followed by another disaster, a tidal wave close to the town of Catania, creating it one amongst the foremost damaging earthquakes in Italia until date.


Iran was hit by a devastating earthquake on April twenty-six, 1721. It destroyed a town and caused deaths calculable between 8,000 to 2,50,000. The harm rendered the town of Tabriz helpless and power-assisted the Ottomans in acquiring over it by 1722.


Known as the ‘Great Lisbon Earthquake’, this disaster competes for a crucial role within the modern-day geophysical science and earthquake engineering. measure a devastating 8.5 to nine on the scale of measurement, it fully razed the town of Lisbon in Portugal on All Saints’ Day, 1755. The casualties are calculable between 10,000 and 1,00,000. the huge injury led to intensive research on the earthquake development.


The city of Izmit in Turkey was hit by an earthquake on August seventeen, 1990. It measured 7.9 on the scale of measurement. Though the earthquake lasted solely 3.7 seconds, it had been long enough to cause lasting injury. The death toll was 17,127, with 43,959 individuals dislocated and over 3 hundred thousand changing into homeless. Over one hundred thousand homes were destroyed and six thousand buildings were severely broken.


Japan is understood to suffer from earthquakes most often, and also the country has seen a number of the deadliest earthquakes in the world. The earthquake off the coast of Nankia occurred on September twenty, 1498 and claimed as several as thirty-one thousand lives. Its tremors reached up to the Boso land within the Japanese fringe of Tokyo Bay and also the Suruga Bay on the seacoast, destroying the sculpture of Buddha at Kotuku-in.


The earthquake within the South American nation of the Republic of Peru was a submarine earthquake, that occurred on May thirty-one, 1970. Recording a magnitude of eight, the earthquake affected over 3 million folks. The cities of Yungay and Ranrahirca were lined in snow, ice, and rock because of an avalanche on a close-by mountain. the whole town was ruined, with quite 1,000,000 folks turning into homeless, 25,600 going missing, 1,43,331 harmed and 74,194 dead. The country suffered a loss of over 0.5 a billion USD.

Some of the powerful earthquakes with the highest magnitude and location are given below:

Rank Date Location Event Magnitude
1 May 22, 1960 Valdivia, Chile 1960 Valdivia earthquake 9.4–9.6
2 March 27, 1964 , Prince William Sound, Alaska, United States 1964 Alaska earthquake 9.2
3 December 26, 2004 Indian Ocean, Sumatra, Indonesia 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake 9.1–9.3
4 March 11, 2011 Pacific Ocean, Tōhoku region, Japan 2011 Tōhoku earthquake 9.1[3]
5 November 4, 1952 Kamchatka, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union 1952 Kamchatka earthquakes 9.0[4]
6 August 13, 1868 Arica, Chile (then Peru) 1868 Arica earthquake 8.5–9.0 (est.)
7 January 26, 1700 Pacific Ocean, USA and Canada (then claimed by the Spanish Empire and the British Empire) 1700 Cascadia earthquake 8.7–9.2 (est.)
8 July 9, 869 Pacific Ocean, Tōhoku region, Japan 869 Sanriku earthquake 8.9 (est.)
9 April 2, 1762 Chittagong, Bangladesh (then Kingdom of Mrauk U) 1762 Arakan earthquake 8.8 (est.)
10 November 25, 1833 Sumatra, Indonesia (then part of the Dutch East Indies) 1833 Sumatra earthquake 8.8 (est.)

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