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Soil Pollution | Soil Pollution Essay | What is Soil Pollution

Essay on Soil Pollution: With the increase of concrete buildings and roads, one a part of the planet that we tend to rarely see is that the soil. It’s many various names, like ground, dirt, and mud. However, it’s undoubtedly important to us. The plants which feed us grow in soil and keeping it healthy is usually important to maintain a good and healthy looking planet. However, like all different varieties of nature, soil additionally suffers from pollution. The pollution of soil may be a common issue currently, and it happens because of the presence of non-natural components.

The main reason why the soil becomes contaminated is that of the presence of non-natural waste. The waste products produce from nature itself like dead plants, carcasses of animals, rotten fruits and vegetables solely adds to the fertility of the soil. However, our waste product are choked with chemicals that aren’t originally found in nature and result in soil pollution.

Soil pollution which includes any chemicals or contaminants that can damage animals or plants species. These type of pollutants decrease soil quality, disturb the soil’s natural balance and should conjointly result in erosion and wear. The differing parts of soil pollution are often distinguished by their supply, likewise because the effects every has on the scheme.

Types of Soil Pollution | Causes of Soil Pollution | Sources of Soil Pollution:

The types and causes of soil pollution are given below:

  1. Waste Disposal
  2. Agricultural Activities
  3. Industrial Activity
  4. Accident of Oil Leaks
  5. Acid Rain


Finally, a growing cause for concern is, however, we tend to lose our waste. whereas industrial waste is bound to cause contamination, there’s in our own way within which we are adding to the pollution. each human produces an explicit quantity of private waste merchandise by approach or water and ordure.

While a lot of it moves into the sewer the system, there’s additionally an oversized quantity that’s drop directly into landfills within the sort of diapers. Even the installation ends at the lowland, wherever the biological waste pollutes the soil and water. this is often as a result of our bodies area unit packed with toxins and chemicals that area unit currently oozy into the land and inflicting pollution of soil.


Chemical utilization has gone up staggeringly since technology provided us with trendy pesticides and fertilizers. they’re filled with chemicals that don’t seem to be created in nature and can’t be dampened by it. As a result, they run into the bottom once they combine with water and slowly scale back the fertility of the soil. alternative chemicals harm the composition of the soil and build it easier to erode by water and air. Plants absorb several of those pesticides and once they decompose, they cause soil pollution since they become a region of the land.


Industrial activity has been the largest contributor to the matter within the last century, particularly since the number of mining and producing has enlarged. Most industries area unit is smitten by extracting minerals from the world. whether or not it’s ore or coal, the by product area unit contaminated and that they don’t seem to be disposed of in an exceeding manner that may be thought-about safe. As a result, the industrial waste mixes in the surface of the soil for a long period and makes it unsuitable for use.


Oil leaks will happen throughout storage and transport of chemicals. this will be seen at the most of the fuel stations. The chemicals gift within the fuel deteriorates the standard of soil and build them unsuitable for cultivation. These chemicals will enter into the groundwater through the soil and build the water undrinkable.


Acid rain is caused once pollutants get involved within the air mixes up with the rain and fall back on the bottom. The contaminated water might dissolve away a number of the necessary nutrients found in soil and alter the structure of the soil.

Effects of Soil Pollution | About Soil Pollution:

The effects of soil pollution to humans, plants, and different structures are given below:

  1. Soil Pollution Effect on Growth of Plants
  2. Soil Pollution Decreased Soil Fertility
  3. Soil Pollution Effects on Human Health
  4. Soil Pollution by Toxic Dust
  5. Soil Pollution Effects changes in Soil Structure


The ecological balance of any system gets affected as a result of the widespread contamination of the soil. Most plants are unable to adapt once the chemistry of the soil thus changes so radically in a very short amount of your time. Fungi and bacterium found within the soil that bind it along begin to say no, that creates an extra downside of erosion of soil.

The fertility slowly diminishes, creating land unsuitable for agriculture and any native vegetation to survive. The soil pollution causes massive tracts of land to become unsafe to health. Unlike deserts, which are suitable for its native vegetation, such land cannot support most forms of life.


The harmful chemicals which are within the soil will decrease soil fertility and thus decrease within the soil yield. The contaminated soil is then wont to manufacture fruits and vegetables that lack quality nutrients and should contain some matter to cause serious health issues in folks intense them.


Considering however soil is that the reason we are ready to sustain ourselves, the contamination of its major consequences on our health. Crops and plants grown up on impure soil absorb abundant of the pollution so pass these on to us. this might justify the unexpected surge in little and terminal sicknesses.

Long term exposure to such soil will have an effect on the genetic makeup of the body, inflicting nonheritable sicknesses and chronic health issues that can’t be cured simply. In fact, it will sicken the farm animal to a substantial extent and cause sickness over an extended amount of your time. The soil pollution will even cause widespread famines if the plants are unable to grow in it.


The emission of harmful and foul gases from landfills pollutes the setting and causes serious effects on the health of some folks. The unpleasant smell causes inconvenience to people.


The death of the many soil organisms (e.g. earthworms) within the soil will result in an alteration in soil structure. Aside from that, it might additionally force different predators to maneuver to different places in search of food.

Solution to Soil Pollution | How to Prevent Soil Pollution:

A number of the way are instructed to curb the present rate of pollution. Such makes an attempt at cleaning up the surroundings need lots of time and resources to be pitched in. Industries are given rules for the disposal of dangerous waste, that aims at minimizing the world that becomes contaminated. Organic ways of farming are being supported, that don’t use chemical laden pesticides and fertilizers. Use of plants that may take away the pollutants from the soil is being inspired. However, the road ahead is kind of long and therefore the interference of soil pollution can take more years.

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