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Railway Recruitment Board-RRB career 2017-2018

Ever gave a thought of the RRB career in Indian Railways? And want to know more about the perks RRB career offer? Or why only Indian railways instead of any other government job? Well, everything has its pros and cons.But I must say RRB career has more of pros! One should give a try. The recruitment in the last financial year of 2015 – 16 placed nearly 18252 people; quite a huge number isn’t it? Getting associated with a sector running over a period of 150 years is surely markable!RRB career offers a dynamic opportunity for an individual with diversified career background. It is one of the rapidly expanding sector aiming to grow better and better with perfection and technology and has no effect with a period of recession.

Indian railway gives exposure to an individual to grab exciting opportunities. Indian railway is not a combination of just hundreds of train running on a daily basis, but it is much beyond that. It is a journey of a mechanical and technical organization tied up with hundreds of employees to reach a promised destination with complete management.Well, this all jus says the strength of the Indian RRB  careers as the whole, let’s know more about what are the perks for an individual wishing to be an applicant of Indian railways.

Don’t worry there is a lot in your basket too!

 Due to the diversified jobs available in the railways, the posts and salary also differ accordingly.  Experience and education add to the increment in salary. Railway has divided into four groups that decide the pay scale or you can even say pay scale of the employee.


The teams are split into four categories  D, C, A  AND B.

The seventh pay commission has led to an increase in the salary to a greater extent.

Level Job profile Pay scale
D Cleaners.  7000 INR (at the entry level)
C Gaurds 7730-18150 INR
B Ticket checkers, technicians, and junior engineers. 21000- 30000 INR
 A  IRAS, IRPS IRSSE  46000-53000INR


 For study material of RRB NTPC just CLICK HERE:

INDIAN RAILWAY not only provides with some diversified jobs but also provide them with some perks and bonuses adding on their salary is drawn per month. Isn’t it good enough? Why would a person opt for a career in this?

To add on to all of this, there is an INCREMENT IN THE SALARY BY 23.55  after the seventh pay commission.

One of the biggest perks of getting a job in Indian railway is job security, and some are even given accommodation by paying some nominal charges. So yes one should surely think about an RRB career.


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