OSD Full Form | Full Form of OSD | What is OSD

OSD Full Form | Full Form of OSD | What is OSD

OSD Full Form is Officer on Special Duty: Officer on Special Duty is an officer within the Republic of Indian government officials of the standing between a secretary associated an undersecretary within the Government of India.

The follow dates back to the British colonial rule in Bharat, and was explained to the Central law-makers by a government spokesperson in 1931 as follows:

There are 2 principal criteria in appointing an OSD within the civil services –

When a politician by his appointment brings way larger economic profit to the govt. than that spent in his appointment
When there’s an obligation on the govt. to require an exact action for the good thing about the larger good”
It is conjointly typically used as a coaching post for a future higher level posting. As an example, when S. Ranganathan was appointed the Comptoller and Auditor General, he was initial appointed as associate OSD to understudy the outgoing CAG A.K. Roy and after given charge.

OSD Full Form: It refers to a government officer while not duties in Pakistan and Bangladesh. They will be the officers awaiting posting orders or the demoted officers. These officers report back to the secretariat wherever they are doing nothing however sign their attending. It implies that the govt. doesn’t have any appropriate post for the officer or their services are not any a lot of needed (when demoted). These officers are paid full salaries. It’s thought-about to be a stigma once an official is selected as the OSD. The observe finds its origin within the British dominion once to be an official on special duty was the standing of honour.

OSD Full Form

The Civil Services consult with the civil services, the permanent Executive Office of the President of the Republic of India. The government officials system is that the backbone of the executive machinery of the country. In the republic of India, the final word responsibility for running the administration rests with the non appointive representatives of the individuals that are the ministers. However one or two of ministers can’t be expected to deal in person with the manifold issues of contemporary administration. So the ministers lay down the policy and it’s for the civil servants to hold out this policy. OSD Full Form….

The executive selections are enforced by the Indian civil servants. The members of government officials serve at the pleasure of the President of Republic of India and Article 311 of the constitution protects them from politically driven or vindictive action. Civil servants are staff of the govt of India or of the states but, not all staff of the govt are civil servants. Civil servants in a very personal capability are paid from the Civil List. Senior civil servants is also known as to account by Parliament.

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