Negative Marking In GATE | To make use of It

                                       Negative Marking In GATE

Negative marking in GATE to make use of it is also very useful for the applicant in cracking the GATE examination. It has its impact on all another review of GATE. Single marks of it can bring you top from 1000 of the applicant and the same single marks can take you behind of 1000 candidate. The applicant can also go through the  GATE 2010 analysis to get more clear about it. If you see the numbers of a claimant who give the GATE examination, then you will come to know about the competition of GATE. Don’t fear about the figures you just have to focus on your studies and to score high marks.

Now let me explain about the simple strategy for negative marking in GATE. There are three factors on which the applicant has to concentrate on a strategy for negative scoring.

They are as follows:

  1. The first factor is a level of difficulty of GATE question paper.
  2. The second factor is your performance in the exam.
  3. The final factor is about the level of confidence about the answer to a particular question.

*It seems to like that the difficulty of question paper changes every year. In 2010 the paper was easy, but in 2011 it is more difficult as compare to the last year’s paper.Also, the result of the 2010 year is high. So if the paper comes easy than the applicant can take the risk of attending the doubtful question and if the paper is difficult then to leave that question is better.

*The second factor is your performance in GATE exam. If you fully confirm that you are going to score the qualifying marks in entrance examination then also be very careful at the time when you are going to attempt the theoretical question, and if you are not sure, then it is better to attend other question rather than a theoretical question.

*The last factor to be considered is the confidence about the theoretical question. IT is necessary for the applicant to have a full confident while ticking the answer. It is better to leave the question in which you are not confident.

So try to become very calm during examination and also be confident. It is better to attend the question which is easy first and than the other question.

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