NATA Syllabus 2018 | Check Updated Syllabus

NATA Syllabus 2018 | Check Updated Syllabus For Mathematics, General Aptitude, And Drawing

NATA Syllabus 2018: The NATA test (National Aptitude Test in Architecture) is conducted for getting admission within the B.Archs. Given by most of the eminent private and government colleges. Since its establishments in 2007, it’s become popular amongst the aspirants. This test comes underneath Council of architecture that which you’ll be able to seem for in your own country India. The degree you acquire from the mentioned universities is valid. NATA Syllabus 2018…….

NATA Syllabus 2018:

Getting the B.Archs. the degree is not the cup of tea to many but with full dedication, something is achieved. you need to comprehensively be acquainted with the curriculum involves within the examination and on the basis of that you’ll possibly be prepared for the examination.

Some of the items regarding the examination don’t change like syllabus, marking allotments. The examination estimates the drawing and observation skills, sense of suggestions, aesthetic sensitivity and important intellectuality. Knowing regarding the syllabus is important for obtaining. Knowing regarding the syllabus is important for obtaining the insight of the patterns appearing within the examination. The syllabus is provided aiming to facilitate the candidates concerning undergraduate qualification within the field of architecture. Admission is taken based on the method of marking determined by NATA. NATA 2018 syllabus are issued by the NATA authority.

The NATA Examination Syllabus contains 2 parts:

  • Aesthetic Sensitivity test
  • Drawing test

There are 9 topics within the mathematics together with algebra, Logarithms, Matrices, trigonometry, coordinate geometry, three-dimensional coordinate geometry, Theory of calculus, Permutation and Combination, and Statistics and probability.


  • Historical and contemporary buildings of Architectural importance
  • Architects and their Works
  • Design of geometrical or abstract shapes and patterns in pencil
  • Architectural Awareness
  • Architectural terminology
  • Awareness of persons, places, buildings etc. of Architectural importance

Creative Sensitivity & Memory Drawing:

Drawing Test:

  • Perspective drawing
  • Sketching of urban scape and landscape
  • Subtraction
  • Rotation
  • Surfaces and volumes
  • Generating plan
  • Elevation and 3D views of objects
  • Comprehending the subject
  • Geometric parts
  • Shapes how to form structure and elements
  • The geometrical and abstract
  • Form transformations in 2D and 3D like union
  • Creating 2D and 3D compositions using given shape and forms
  • Common day-to-day life objects like furniture, equipment etc. from memory.

Scale and proportion:

Freehand sketching of objects and Activities commonly seen in the rural or urban/suburban context such as Furniture, kitchens, Playground, Markets, Railway Platform, Bus Stop, Machine, landscape, Buildings, Exhibitions etc, Enlargement & Reduction of Drawings, Mirror image etc. NATA Syllabus 2018…..

NATA Exam Pattern 2018:

The Council of architecture can confirm the NATA 2018 examination pattern. NATA 2018 are conducted in each on-line& offline mode in 3 hours within which multiple choice queries are asked from maths and general ability. Candidates can ought to undertake a drawing test .

Candidates are awarded two marks for each correct answer and there’s no negative marking. The complete test are of 3 hours.

Candidates can ought to choose the correct answer by colouring the bubble within the OMR sheet by using black and blue pen.

NATA Examination Tips 2018:

The following tips ought to be kept in mind while trying the NATA Examination:

Many think that with good drawing skills, they will easily get through. However, proportions, factors like light and shadow, composing 3-dimensional structures are all necessary that can’t be foregone.
Creativity is the ability to come back up with those ideas that are original and not duplicated from anyplace.
You must have the power to present things clearly in a very brief period of your time.
Go through all the previous year papers to induce a decent insight and to hone your preceding skills.
Follow famed architectures and designers who have designed buildings as such awareness promotes originality and creative thinking.
Motivate yourself to try and do well as solely a positive attitude would assist.
Draw with a light hand initially, without details. you’ll end once you’re clear on the proportion and outline.
Practice additional with dry colors as they save lots of your time.
Start early to induce a decent understanding and do well.
A presence of mind is the key to scoring sensible within the MCQs. Revise your arithmetic formula and try the overall aptitude section logically.

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