Maurya Caste | Essay on Maurya Caste System

Maurya Caste | Essay on Maurya Caste System | About Maurya Caste

Maurya Caste: Caste System prevailed among the Maurya Community. The Greek writers like Megasthenes and Diodorus conjointly told us regarding Maurya caste system.

Indian Community had the standard fourfold heredities class structure, however, the Greeks told regarding seven castes that have created the students marvel. It’s doable that the Greeks weren’t attentive to fourfold classification or ‘Chaturvarna’ caste system.
Some students created an activity division of the folks of India and this had no connectedness with the standard caste system that was supported birth and cognate. However, it ought to be remembered that the Greek author did not solely tell us regarding this caste however conjointly mentioned regarding its hereditary character of limiting lay wedding and alter of occupation.

Maurya Caste

However, the Indian community throughout the Mauryas was classified into four casts or varmas though there have been several mixed castes. The husbandries or the cultivators were the bulk in variety. Cultivation was thought-about therefore essential in those days that even at the time of battlefield and remained undisturbed and untroubled. Ashoka the great conjointly same in his Rock Edict XIII that the Kalinga war had caused great sufferings to the civilian folks as well as the husbandmen. The Buddhist text conjointly educated to not embrace the civilians and cultivators into the war.

The Brahmins shaped the intellectual category. They were to seem when education and culture of the folks. The state accustomed pay an honest quantity of revenue for the upkeep. The Brahmins were exempted from torture or criminal offense, however, might be banished. They accustomed facilitate and recommendation the king.

The Kshatriyas were the someone category. the sole duty of the Kshatriya was war. They received liberal pay from the state and them at the time of peace, wont to pay their time in merriment and luxury.

Maurya Caste

The artisans, shepherds, and traders paid taxes to the state, however, were free from all military services.

Megasthenes told that slavery was wholly absent in the Asian nation. The foreigners as prisoners of war weren’t counted as the slaves. However, slavery wasn’t altogether unknown in Asian nation as Ashoka’s inscriptions speak us of the Dasas or Slaves and therefore the the} Arthasashtra also aforesaid that no citizen or Anya may be created as the slave. Intrinsically slaves were collected from the unfortunate of wars. However, the slaves in the Asian nation had higher standing than their Greek counterparts. they might win personal property and even freedom. They were treated gently sympathetically and regarded because of the domestic servants.

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