Magadha Empire | Essay on Magadha Empire

Magadha Empire | Essay on Magadha Empire | About Magadha Empire

Ancient Kingdom of Magadha Empire consisted of the trendy districts of Gaya and Patna. The Magadha Kings were exceptionally ready rulers.

In the Rigveda, there’s no regard to Magadha Empire, however, it’s mentioned within the Atharva Vedic literature. However, the style within which Magadha Empire has been mentioned within the Atharva religious text creates the impression that the Aryans unlikable the folks of Magadha. The most reason for this was in all probability the very fact the Aryan civilization failed to reach Magadha even within the amount of Atharva Vedic literature.

Magadha Empire

In the days of mystic, Magadha was one in every of the principal kingdoms of North India. Magadha Empire was secured in a very political competition with such kingdoms as Kashi, Kosala, Vatsa, and Avanti for nearly hundred years and ultimately came out victorious from the conflict. Since that amount, Magadha Empire came to be the centre of the North Indian politics for long. it’s from the Puranas and ‘Mahavamsa’, the island Buddhist scripture that details of Sanskrit king are often found.

It was in Magadha that Buddhism and Jainism had originated. within the sphere of politics, too, an integrated kingdom in Republic of India with Magadha Empire as its centre arose. Four traditionally far-famed dynasties dominated Magadha, Haryanka, Shishunaga, Nanda, and Maurya.

Magadha Empire

King of Magadha Empire Bimbisara | Magadha Empire during King Bimbisara:

The primarily celebrated king of Magadha, Bimbisara, belonged to the Haryanka family. Bimbisara’s father was named Bhattia or Mahapadma. It’s aforesaid that his father was defeated by the king of Anga, which the dominion of Magadha was annexed to it of Anga. Bimbisara, on turning into a king of Magadha penalise the defeat of his father by overthrowing the Anga king and annexing Anga to his kingdom.

This ending ordered the inspiration for the increase of Magadha Empire and also the later kings succeeded in their bid to increase the empire. Emperor Asoka was the sole man who dodged a search of war policy, and this marked the top of the history of Magadha enlargement.

Magadha Empire

King Bimbisara enjoyed some such blessings as his contemporaries were denied. The geographical position of Magadha contributed for the increase of Magadha Empire. Magadha was enclosed by hills and rivers. So, she enjoyed natural security. Moreover, the dominion prospered thanks, largely, to the enlargement of trade and commerce and also the development of agriculture. Being so secured, Bimbisara was able to proceed on his methods of conquests.

King Bimbisara complete married alliances with the dynasties of Madra (Central Punjab), Kosala, and Vaisali. He married the Kosala princess, Kosaladevi and obtained, as dowry, an oversized slice of the dominion of Kashi or Varanasi. Kashi established a prosperous region, and Bimbisara collected as revenue a large add amounting to at least one 100000. This was added to the gathering of traditional revenue. Kashi was a noted mercantile establishment and an area of pilgrim’s journey of the Saivas. He married Chellana, the Vaisali aristocrat.

The alliance established with Licchavi (also Lichchhavi) and Vaisali reinforced the bond of friendly relationship with, and increased the status of Magadha. King Bimbisara conjointly married the princess of Videha, Vasabi, and Kshema, the Madra aristocrat. This policy of final married alliance additional elated the increase of Magadhan imperialism. Lichchhavi and Kosala remained neutral once Bimbisara created war along with his neighbour, the king of Anga. Had it been otherwise, he would have invited hostility of Lichchhavi and Vaisali from the rear.
Nothing definite is understood concerning Bimbisara’s spiritual religion. Each the Jainas and also the Buddhists claim that he command their views. Of course, this is often sure that his death, like that of Prasanjit, the king of Kosala, was extraordinarily touching. in line with Buddhist tradition, Ajatasatru, the son of Bimbisara, sought after the throne of Magadha and thereby starved his father to death. However the Jaina account states that Bimbisara’s relations along with his therefore became so strained that he had to kill by taking poison.

Magadha Empire

King of Magadha Empire Ajatsatru | Magadha Empire during King Ajatsatru:

In 495 B.C. Bimbisara died. He was succeeded by his son, Ajatasatru ( conjointly spelled Ajatshatru). The Buddhist tradition ascribes thirty-two years to the amount of his rule. Ajatsatru was an especially bold and powerful king. It had been throughout his reign, that Magadha old all-around enlargement and development.

Ajatasatru started his career of conquests by declaring war against his maternal uncle, Prasanjit, the king of Kosala. However, the war resulted in a contented union of the 2 kings. Ajatasatru married Bijira, the girl of Prasanjit and received town of Varanasi as gift. So with the rise of his power, Varanasi became for good annexed to the empire of Ajatasatru.

Ajatasatru’s greatest action was his war with a robust confederacy consisting of thirty-six kingdoms and a few republican territories. The chief among the republican states was the Lichchavis of Vaisali. Ajatasatru took sixteen years to conclude his war. It had been challenging the least bit to overcome the Lichchavis, as they weren’t solely a war like and powerful race however united conjointly. Ajatasatru was cognizant of those difficulties, nevertheless, he evolved out a well thought out set up so as to make sure his conclusion.

Magadha Empire

King of Magadha Empire Mahapadma Nanda | Magadha Empire during King Mahapadma Nanda:

Mahapadma Nanda was a really powerful king. From the Jaina and Buddhist sources alike, we come back to grasp that Mahapadma Nanda was of low birth. However, it’s sure that Mahapadma Naada extended the boundaries of Sanskritic language empire. There have been many kingdoms in north Bharat – Kkuru, Panchala, Ikshakshu, Ashmaka and Skurasen—ruled by the Kshatriyas. He overthrew and annexed them to Magadhan dominion. This more led to the increase of Magadhan Imperialism. Within the Hathigumpha rock inscription of Kharvela, reference has been created to the conquest of Kalinga by an exact ruler happiness to Nanda family line. This ruler was, probably, Mahapadma Nanda.

Magadha Empire

King of Magadha Empire Dhana Nanda | Magadha Empire during King Dhana Nanda:

According to some historians, some of the Deccan was inside the Nanda Empire. The Greek writers corroborate that the Nanda Empire was well-built and widespread. They came to Bharat many years once Alexander’s invasion of India. Mahapadmananda died once ruling 10 years. He had eight sons. once his death, they partitioned off the empire among them, and continued to rule, at the same time for twelve years, their individual dominions. Dhanananda was the ruler of Magadha once Alexander invaded the Asian nation in 327 B.C. everybody was responsive to the very fact that Dhanananda possessed a huge quantity of wealth and an awfully powerful army. Consistent with the Greek writers the Nanda kings had 200,000 soldiers, horsemen, 2000 chariots drawn by four horses, and 30,000 elephants. The Buddhist sources inform us that the Nanda kings had

Consistent with the Greek writers the Nanda kings had 200,000 soldiers, horsemen, 2000 chariots drawn by four horses, and 30,000 elephants. The Buddhist sources inform us that the Nanda kings had robust attraction for wealth which they resorted to unjust taxation from the individuals. The individuals were subjected to inhuman oppression. The burden of taxation was extraordinarily serious. This explains the people’s disaffection from the Nanda king and their cooperation with Chandragupta Maurya once the latter invaded Magadha in 323-322 B.C., therefore, was the Nanda family replaced by the Maurya family.

Magadha Empire

King of Magadha Empire Chandragupta Maurya | Magadha Empire during King Chandragupta Maurya:

During Chandragupta Maurya‘s reign, the occupation of Punjab from the Greeks and therefore the acquisition of capital of Afghanistan, Kandahar, Makran, and Herat from the Greek general Seleucus extended the frontier of Magadhan Empire within the north-west to it of the Persian Empire. Consistent with Tamil evidences, the frontier of Maurya Empire extended to the city district of Madras. In step with Junagadh rock inscription of Rudradamana Saurashtra was beneath Chandragupta’s occupation. No proof showing annexation of recent territory or province throughout Bindusara’s reign is on the market. Solely Kalinga was conquered throughout the reign of Asoka. Therefore the empire established throughout Bimbisara’s reign got enlarged virtually Bharat throughout emperors.

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