Information Technology | What is Information Technology?

Information Technology | About Information Technology | What is Information Technology?

Information Technology: The applicants holding a degree in info Technology will work as associate degree IT Engineer accountable for operational computer systems, software, servers, laptop networking or network securities. The program focuses on the theoretical and technical aspects of coming up with, developing, researching and testing package still as digital hardware. info Technology is intended to show students regarding numerous basic ideas of knowledge security, net systems, laptop networking and software system engineering. The program covers subjects like programming, arithmetic, and operations among others.

Information Technology

Eligibility Criteria for Information Technology | Information Technology Eligibility:

For Undergraduate Applicants: The applicants should have cleared in the class of 12th exam containing a minimum of qualifying score.

For Postgraduate Applicants: The applicants those who holds Bachelor of Engineering or B. Tech in Information Technology or B.E/B. Tech.


Scope in Information Technology | Information Technology Scope:

Work in IT-sectors as associate IT-Consultant, Business Analyst, data system Manager, System Developer, information directors, Hardware Engineers, System Testers.
Companies include software system development consultancies, BPO (business method outsource), software system management, and on-line services.
Work as artistic problem solvers.
Emerging corporations provide nice packages for IT engineers.


Course Subject for Information Technology:

  • Computer architecture & organization
  • Data Structures
  • Data Warehousing & Data Mining
  • Data base systems
  • Design & analysis of Algorithms
  • Electronics
  • Engineering Mathematics
  • Foundations of Computer Systems
  • Java Programming & Website Design
  • Operating systems
  • Soft ware Engineering

Information Technology

Similar Courses to Information Technology:

  • Software Engineering
  • Mathematics and Computing Engineering
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Information Science Engineering
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