Full Form of VIRUS | VIRUS Full Form | What is VIRUS

Full Form of VIRUS | VIRUS Full Form | What is VIRUS| About VIRUS

Full Form of VIRUS is Vital Information Resources Under Seize: A computer (VIRUS) Vital Information Resources Under Seize may be a malicious program or a piece of code that’s loaded onto your laptop without your knowledge and run against your consent. The virus includes a property to duplicate itself and spread itself from one laptop to a different laptop. It will have an effect on the information files, boot sector of disk drive etc. once its replication succeeds. The affected area is said infected. They insert themselves into host programs and spread on the execution of infected programs. Computer viruses cause injury of billions of dollars value each year. the bulk of viruses target systems running Microsoft window. To counter with viruses, programmers created anti-virus programs. Full Form of VIRUS.

Harmful Effects of pc Viruses:

Can corrupt your system file and cut down your computer system
Can build some programs corrupt or faulty
Can injury computer’s boot sector
Can steal your computer’s info and send it to a different person
Can delete your complete disk drive
Can show irrelevant and annoying messages on your monitor
Can change the power rating of your laptop which can reason for blast

Full Form of VIRUS

About VIRUS:

Types of PC Viruses are as follows:

Macro viruses
Polymorphic viruses
Active X viruses
Browser hijacker
Multipartite viruses
Stealth viruses
Resident viruses
File infector viruses
Boot sector viruses
Program viruses

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