Full Form of ROM | ROM Full Form | What is ROM

Full Form of ROM | ROM Full Form | What is ROM

Full Form of ROM is Read Only Memory: ROM may be a category of data-storage medium utilized in computers and other electronic devices on that information has been recorded. In contrast to main memory (RAM), read-only memory retains its contents even once the computer is turned off, that iswhy we tend to call it non volatilizable memory. Read-only memory are a lot of slower than RAM memories.

An everyday read-only memory is made from hard-wired logic, encoded within the silicon itself. Most personal computers contain a little quantity of read-only memory that stores the program referred to as BIOS that boots the computer.

Full Form of ROM

According to Wikipedia:

Read-only memory (or simply ROM) is a type of computer memory. Unlike RAM, it keeps its contents even when the computer or device is turned off. Usually, ROM cannot be written to when the computer runs normally. ROM is used for the BIOS which tells the computer how to start, or important programs like the firmware of certain devices, which usually does not need to be modified. Usually, ROM comes on computer chips.

There are different kinds of ROMs:

  • Masked ROM: This kind is written once, at the factory. It cannot be changed at all later on. Its main benefit is that it is very cheap to make.
  • PROM: Can be programmed once. Comes unprogrammed from the factory. Programming consists in removing connections. Has been replaced by EPROMs
  • EPROM: This kind can be erased with UV
  • EEPROM: This kind can be erased using an electrical Today, flash memory is often used.

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