Full Form of ODBC | ODBC Full Form | What is ODBC

Full Form of ODBC | ODBC Full Form | What is ODBC

Full Form of ODBC is Open Database Connectivity: In computing, Open database connectivity (ODBC) could be a normal Application Programming Interface (API) for accessing database management systems (DBMS). The designers of ODBC aimed to form it freelance of information systems and operational systems. An application written victimization ODBC may be ported to alternative platforms, each on the consumer and server aspect, with few changes to the information access code.

ODBC accomplishes database management system independence by victimization an ODBC driver as a translation layer between the applying and also the database management system. The applying uses ODBC functions through an ODBC driver manager with that it’s connected, and also the driver passes the question to the DBMS. An ODBC driver may be thought of as analogous to a printer driver or alternative driver, providing a regular set of functions for the applying to use, and implementing DBMS-specific practicality. An application which will use ODBC is mentioned as “ODBC-compliant”. Any ODBC-compliant application will access any DBMS that a driver is put in. Drivers exist for all major DBMSs, several alternative information sources like address book systems and Microsoft stand out, and even for text or comma-separated values (CSV) files.

Full Form of ODBC

ODBC was originally developed by Microsoft and Simba Technologies throughout the first 1990s, and have become the idea for the call Level Interface (CLI) standardized by SQL Access cluster within the UNIX system and mainframe field. ODBC preserved many options that were removed as a part of the command line interface effort. Full ODBC was later ported back to those platforms, and have become a actual customary significantly higher well-known than command line interface. The CLI remains the same as ODBC, and applications may be ported from one platform to the opposite with few changes.

ODBC remains mostly universal nowadays, with drivers on the market for many platforms and most databases. It’s not uncommon to seek out ODBC drivers for info engines that are meant to be embedded, like SQLite, as the way to permit existing tools to act as front-ends to those engines for testing and debugging.

However, the increase of skinny consumer computing using hypertext markup language as an intermediate format has reduced the necessity for ODBC. Several net development platforms contain direct links to focus on databases MySQL being quite common. In these situations, there’s no direct shopper-side access nor multiple client software systems to support; everything goes through the programmer-supplied markup language application. The virtualization that ODBC offers isn’t any longer a powerful demand, and development of ODBC isn’t any longer as active because it once was.

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