Full Form of NASDAQ | NASDAQ Full Form

Full Form of NASDAQ | NASDAQ Full Form | What is NASDAQ | About NASDAQ

Full Form of NASDAQ is: It is an American and Canadian stock exchange market that permits the investors to buy and sell stocks on an automatic, transparent and quick computer network. It’s owned by NASDAQ OMX group and is headquartered in new york, united states. In terms of market capitalization, it’s the second largest exchange within the world after new york stock exchange (NYSE). It presently stylized as NASDAQ.

Full Form of NASDAQ

The Nasdaq Stock Market is the second largest exchange in the globe by market capitalization, behind solely the New York Stock Exchange located within the same town. The exchange platform is owned by Nasdaq, Inc., that conjointly owns the NASDAQNordic (formerly called OMX) and Nasdaq Baltic stock market network different|and several other} other U.S. stock and options exchanges.

When the NASDAQ exchange began commercialism on Feb eight, 1971, it absolutely was the world’s initial electronic exchange. At first, it absolutely was simply a quotation system and failed to give some way to perform electronic trades. The NASDAQ exchange helped lower the unfold (the distinction between the value|price|terms|damage} and also the raise price of the stock) however was less-traveled among brokerages that created abundant of their cash on the unfold.

Full Form of NASDAQ: The National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations exchange eventually assumed the bulk of major trades that had been dead by the over-the-counter (OTC) system of commercialism, though there are still several securities listed during this fashion. As late as 1987, the NASDAQ exchange was still normally cited as “OTC” in media and conjointly within the monthly Stock Guides (stock guides and procedures) issued by normal & Poor’s Corporation.

Over the years, the NASDAQ exchange became a lot of a exchange by adding trade and volume coverage and automatic commercialism systems. it absolutely was conjointly the primary exchange within the u. s. to start out commercialism on-line, highlight data system -traded firms and shutting with the declaration that the data system exchange is “the exchange for consequent hundred years”. The NASDAQ exchange attracted new growth firms like Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, Oracle and dingle and helped modernize the commercialism.

Its main index is that the data system Composite, that has been printed since its origin. However, its exchange-traded fund tracks the large capitalisation NASDAQ-100 index, that was introduced in 1985 aboard the data system a hundred money Index that tracks the most important a hundred firms in terms of market capitalisation.

In 1992, the NASDAQ exchange joined with the London exchange to create the primary intercontinental linkage of securities markets. The National Association of Securities Dealers spun off the data system exchange in 2000 to create a publically listed company.


NASDAQ was founded by National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) on eight February 1971. At the time, it had been a computer bulletin board-type system.
In 1975, it invented the initial public offering (IPO) which enabled the growth companies to raise capital to expand their businesses.
In 1985, it created the NASDAQ-100 Index.
In 2009, NASDAQ OMX launched its mobile internet version, nasdaq.com.

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