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Full Form of MS is Master of Science: MS stands for Master of Science. it’s a post graduate degree awarded by universities in several countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia etc. In India, most of the schools provide MSc programs. but some technological universities provide MS degree alongside the M.Tech or ME degree.

Following are some common courses chosen by students for MS:

Master of Science in biology
Master of Science in economics
Master of Science in Nursing
Master of Science in Engineering
Master of Science in info Technology
Master of Science in Management
Master of social science

Full Form of MS

Master of Science is a master’s degree in the sphere of science awarded by universities in several countries, or an individual holding such a degree. In distinction to the Master of Arts degree, the Master of Science degree is usually granted for studies in sciences, engineering, and drugs, and is typically for programs that are additional centered on scientific and mathematical subjects; but, completely different|completely different} universities have different conventions and should additionally provide the degree for fields generally thought of at intervals the humanities and social sciences. whereas it ultimately depends upon the precise program, earning a Master of Science degree generally includes writing a thesis.

 In India, all science universities provide Master of Science programs. However, some technological universities do provide MS degrees aboard the standard MTech or ME degrees. usually speaking, in India, post-graduate technological courses cause MTech whereas engineering courses cause ME. For instance, a master’s in automotive technology would usually be associate degree ME, whereas a master’s in physics would be an MS or an Master of Science. this is often in distinction with universities in United Kingdom and also the USA that sometimes provide MS or master’s degree degrees for all science, technology, and engineering programs. Some prime universities provide collegian programmes resulting in a master’s degree; these area unit referred to as Integrated M.Sc./ M.S. / B.S. + M.S. degrees. To pursue for M.Sc. in India, aspirants ought to ought to clear an examination like IIT JAM (Joint Admission take a look at for M.Sc.) NEST (National Entrance Screening Test) JEST (Joint Entrance Screening Test).

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