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Full Form of GNU | GNU Full Form | What is GNU | About GNU

Full Form of GNU is GNU’s Not UNIX: GNU stands for GNU’s Not UNIX. It’s a Unix like pc operating system, however, unlike unix, it’s free software system and contains no unix code. It’s pronounced as guh-noo. Sometimes, it’s additionally written as gnu General Public License. It’s based on the gnu Hurd kernel and it’s intended to develop and share software for free, for all its users.

Its logo is gnu head (a giant dark antelope with a long head). It’s originally designed by Etienne Suvasa. Later, Aurelio Heckert designed a simple and bolder version of this logo. The logo seems in gnu software, gnu project and in free software foundation materials. It was started as a project by Richard Stallman in 1983 and its development began on January five, 1984. The main objective of gnu was to produce free code. Due to its similar design to unix, it’s named as unix like system however it contains no unix code. It’s on the market in multiple languages.

Richard Stallman wrote a license for the development of required code. This license is named gnu General Public License. It’s a goal to guarantee users freedom to share and change free software. Now, this license is used by most of gnu software and additionally lots of free software that are not the part of gnu project.

Full Form of GNU

According to Wikipedia:

GNU is an operating system and an extensive collection of computer software. GNU is composed wholly of free software, most of which is licensed under the GNU Project’s own GPL.

GNU is a recursive acronym for “GNU’s Not Unix!”, chosen because GNU’s design is Unix-like, but differs from Unix by being free software and containing no Unix code. The GNU project includes an operating system kernel, GNU HURD, which was the original focus of the Free Software Foundation (FSF). However, non-GNU kernels, most famously Linux, can also be used with GNU software; as the Hurd kernel is not yet production-ready, this is how the GNU system is usually used. The combination of GNU software and the Linux kernel is commonly known as Linux (or less frequently GNU/Linux; see GNU/Linux naming controversy).

Full Form of GNU

About GNU:

The Project “GNU’s Not Unix!” was publically declared on Sep twenty-seven, 1983 by Richard Stallman and the development began on January five, 1984. The goal of the project was to develop a free software OS.

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