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Full Form of DVD | DVD Full Form | What is DVD| About DVD

Full Form of DVD is Digital Versatile Disc: DVD stands for Digital Versatile Disc. It’s normally referred to as Digital Video Disc. It’s a digital storage device storage format used to store high capability information like high quality videos and movies. It’s conjointly used to store software package. It’s made-up and developed by four companies named Philips, Sony, Toshiba and Panasonic in 1995. Dvds provide higher storage capacity than cds(compact disc) and might be played in multiple varieties of players like DVD players. Initially, the DVD was developed as a substitute for VHS tapes, however, shortly they became common as a data memory device. In 1972, CD was developed as a medium of diversion. In 1997, DVD took over CD as a medium of entertainment and data storage. Twister was the primary movie placed on DVD on twenty-five March, 1996.

DVD (an abbreviation of “digital video disc” or “digital versatile disc”) is a digital optical disc storage format fancied and developed by Panasonic, Philips, Sony, and Toshiba in 1995. The medium will store any reasonably digital knowledge and is wide used for software system and different laptop files also as video programs watched using DVD players. DVDs provide higher storage capability than compact discs while having a similar dimensions.

Prerecorded optical disks are factory-made using molding machines that physically stamp knowledge onto the DVD. Such discs are a sort of DVD-ROM because knowledge will solely be scan and not written or erased. Blank recordable optical disk discs (DVD-R and DVD+R) are often recorded once victimisation a DVD recorder and then operate as a DVD-ROM. Rewritable DVDs (DVD-RW, DVD+RW, and DVD-RAM) are often recorded and erased over and over.

DVDs are used in optical disk-Video consumer digital video format and in DVD-Audio consumer digital audio format also as for authoring DVD discs written during a special AVCHD format to hold high definition material (often in conjunction with AVCHD format camcorders). optical disks containing different varieties of info is also mentioned as DVD knowledge discs.

About DVD: Types of DVD:

DVD-ROM: It will solely be used for reading and can’t be written.
DVD-R: It will be used to record any form of information.
DVD-RW: It will be browse, written, erased and rewritten

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