Full Form of DIG | DIG Full Form | Meaning of DIG

Full Form of DIG | DIG Full Form | Meaning of DIG | About DIG

Full Form of DIG is DIG stands for Deputy inspector general. It’s a one- star rank within the Indian Police Service. This is often a senior rank than Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) or Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP). An official holding this position works underneath the inspector general of Police (IG) or Joint Commissioner of Police. This is often a post of an IPS officer holding three stars on his uniform.

Deputy inspector general of the Police provides help to the inspector general of the Police within the supervising and dominant of the police force in this space. He has bound powers to take care of the efficiency and discipline within the police force among his space and reports the result to the inspector general of the Police.

About DIG:

The Deputy inspector general of Police acts as a representative of the officer of Police on his behalf, whereas addressing the District justice. He solves the cases that are among his competency and forwards the remainder of the cases to the officer of Police to hunt his opinion. If there’s any distinction between the opinion of the DIG and District justice then the case is forwarded to officer of Police and he proves the ultimate answer or call.

The applicants who desire to become the DIG has got to initial seem within the Civil Services test conducted by UPSC. When clearing the test, the candidate becomes the IPS officer and undergoes the required coaching as IPS officer. Once the IPS officer completes the coaching, he or she is appointed as an Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) or Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP). Afterwards, on the premise of expertise, record, and performance, he or she is promoted to the rank of Superintendent of Police (SP), so to the rank of Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), so to the rank of Deputy officer of Police (DIG).

Full Form of DIG

According to Wikipedia:

A Deputy Inspector General of Police is a high-ranking official position in Police in India and certain other countries.

Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) is a one-star rank in the Indian police, just below Inspector General of Police. It is a selective rank to which Indian Police Service officers who had successfully served as Senior Superintendent of Police or Deputy Commissioner of Police were promoted. There is no limit to the number of DIGs a state can have and most states have several DIGs. DIGs are in pay band 4 (₹37,400 (US$580) to ₹67,000 (US$1,000)) with grade pay ₹8,900 (US$140).

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