Full Form of BHMS | BHMS Full Form | What is BHMS

Full Form of BHMS | BHMS Full Form | What is BHMS | About BHMS

Full Form of BHMS is Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery: BHMS stands for Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery. It’s an undergraduate medical degree in Homeopathy; another approach to medicine. The period of the course is around 5 year. The course is followed by an internship that starts once the students complete the final examination. Homeopathy emerged within the year 1796 and its founder is samuel Hahnemann. It’s based on the principle that the substances responsible for the symptoms of a disease in healthy people is used to treat similar symptoms in ailing individuals.

A student who has passed twelfth class with physics, chemistry and Biology as the main subjects is eligible to register in BHMS. The admission is based on the merit. There are varied joint entrance exams for M.B.B.S, B.D.S and B.H.M.S courses. The subjects included during this course are homeopathic Pharmacy, homeopathic Material Medica, homeopathic Philosophy, Bio-Chemistry, Homoeopathic Repertory, practice of drugs, etc.

After successfully finishing the course, one will pursue specialization in homeopathy. There are varied choices for specialization in medical aid like medicine, infertility, Psychiatry, Skin Specialist, etc.

Full Form of BHMS

About BHMS:

In India, Bachelor of homeopathic medicine and Surgery has a sensible scope as a lot of variety of individuals are choosing homeopathic Medicines as a result of they do not have any side effects.

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