Full Form of ASSOCHAM | What is ASSOCHAM

Full Form of ASSOCHAM | ASSOCHAM Full Form | What is ASSOCHAM

Full Form of ASSOCHAM is Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India: The Associated Chambers of Commerce and industry of Republic of (ASSOCHAM) is one amongst the apex trade associations of India. The organisation represents the interests of trade and commerce in India, and acts as an interface between business, government and different relevant stakeholders on policy problems and initiatives. The goal of this organisation is to push each domestic and international trade, and scale back trade barriers whereas fostering contributive surroundings for the expansion of trade and business of India. ASSOCHAM is authorised by the govt. of Republic of India to issue Certificates of Origin, certify industrial invoices, and recommend business visa.

Full Form of ASSOCHAM


ASSOCHAM was established in 1920 by promoter chambers, representing all regions of Republic of India. The Association’s head workplace situated in New Delhi and regional offices are situated within the cities of Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, and Calcutta. As of 2012, ASSOCHAM covers a membership of over four hundred thousand firms and professionals across the country.

ASSOCHAM operates fifty-nine professional Committees that give an interactive platform to members for interaction and aid formulating policy recommendations to facilitate economic, industrial and social growth. The association features a special role in promoting international trade, and sometimes hosts international trade delegates to India, together with causing delegations of Indian business teams to foreign locations. It additionally interacts with counterpart international organisations to market bilateral economic problems. ASSOCHAM may be a member of the International Chamber of Commerce, the globe business concern, through Interstate Commerce Commission, India.

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