Full Form of ACP | ACP Full Form | About ACP

Full Form of ACP | ACP Full Form | Meaning of ACP | About ACP

Full Form of ACP is Assistant Commissioner of Police: Assistant Commissioner of Police is one amongst the upper ranks within the Indian Police Services. Assistant Commissioner of Police and Deputy Superintendent of Police, each work constant rank in the police. Each of them carries three stars on their Uniforms.

About ACP:

There are two ways that of obtaining the rank of an ACP:

Promotion from the state police cadre when successful completion of 15-20 years of service.
Direct choice through UPSC and are selected as IPS.
In each the ways that, the Minimum qualification is graduation in any subject.

Full Form of ACP

According to Wikipedia:

Assistant commissioner is a rank used in many police forces around the globe. It is also a rank used in revenue administrations (Land, Income Tax Customs, Inland etc.) in many countries.

In India, senior officers of the rank of assistant superintendent/assistant commissioner of police or above may belong to the national Indian Police Service or state police services, whereas Indian inspectors and constables belong to the individual provincial police forces.The rank of Assistant Commissioner is also used in Indian Income Tax, Customs, Central Excise and Service Tax Administration, as an officer of Indian Revenue.

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