Food Technology | What is Food Technology?

Food Technology | About Food Technology | What is Food Technology?

Food Technology involves a mix of physical, chemical or microbiological processes and techniques for reworking raw ingredients into food and conjointly different forms in food process business. Food process refers to changing the raw ingredients into edible elements or reworking food into different edible forms. BE/B.Tech in Food technical schoolnology may be a 4-year program. Food Technology deals with the varied chemical processes that food product bear to form them expendable and prepared to plug. Food processors generally take clean, harvested crops or butchered animal product and use them to supply enticing, a marketable food product with long shelf-life. Similar processes apply to animal feed. you’ll pursue M.Tech in Food technical schoolnology when successful completion of BE/B.Tech.

Food technology may be a branch of food science that deals with the assembly processes that build foods.
Early research into food technology focused on food preservation. Nicolas Appert’s development in 1810 of the canning method was a decisive event. The method wasn’t referred to as canning then and Appert failed to extremely recognize the principle on that his process worked, however canning has had a significant impact on food preservation techniques.

Louis Pasteur’s analysis on the spoilage of wine and his description of a way to avoid spoilage in 1864 was an early conceive to apply knowledge base to food handling. Besides analysis into wine spoilage, biologist researched the assembly of alcohol, vinegar, wines and brew, and also the spoilage of milk. He developed pasteurization the method of heating milk and milk product to destroy food spoilage and disease-producing organisms. In his analysis in to food technology, biologist became the pioneer in to medicine and of recent preventive medicine.

Food Technology

Eligibility Criteria of Food Technology | Food Technology Eligibility:

For Undergraduate Applicants: Applicants should have passed 10+2 with minimum qualifying marks in combination with Physics, Chemistry, Biology as core subjects. Freelance entrance tests for this program also are command by the varied state, central, and personal universities that principally need five hundredth because the requirement to seem for the exam.

For Postgraduate Applicants: Applicants should hold a degree in Bachelor of Engineering/B.Tech in Food schoolnology/Food and process Technology in conjunction with an honest score in entrance tests command for PG program command by the varied state, central, and personal universities.


Scope in Food Technology | Food Technology Scope:

As organic chemists, food soul advises on the strategies by that the raw materials need to be reborn into processed food.
As biochemists, they counsel enhancements in flavor, texture, storage, and quality.
As home economists, they become the professional in bioscience and nutrition and that they take a look at the food and recipes in keeping with the directions on the containers.
As engineers, they’re needed for designing, designing, rising and maintaining the process systems.
As analysis scientists, they perform experiments concerning improvement in yield, flavor, alimentary worth and general satisfactoriness of the packaged food.
As managers and accountants, they manage administration and also the finances except for oversight the process work.


Course Subjects for Food Technology:

  • Bakery and confectionary products
  • Concentrated and dehydrated milk products
  • Food analysis
  • Food Chemistry
  • Food hygiene and sanitation
  • Food laws and quality assurance
  • Food microbiology
  • Fundamentals of Food Processing
  • Milk processing
  • Technology of Cereals and milk

Food Technology

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  • Food and Biochemical Engineering
  • Dairy Technology

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